We have a nose for solving problems

Hi, we're SPTTR. Over the past decade we have worked for agencies, publishers, corporations and small businesses. Now, we are focusing our collective knowledge, energy and enthusiam towards building products to help these same organizations.

Our first product

Picnic was built to take the pain out of website feedback. If you develop a website as a part of a team or with clients, we are confident that we can ease your frustions, save you time and maybe even bring a smile to your face.

Our team

Kevin Dutton

A pragmatic front-end developer who enjoys using code to make everyday tasks easier. Likes to go the extra mile and sweat the details.


Ken Corbett

Full-stack developer with experience developing for high-traffic websites and applications at Amazon and beyond.


Adam Weis

Product strategy, backend development, user interface and everything in between. Likes to keep things simple and focus on the little details.


Elwood Ellis

The everything else guy. Extensive experience in product development, profitability analytics, corporate finance and strategy.


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